Souped up food will take you on a journey around the world!

To make it more interesting, we change our menu  WEEKLY

Serving up selections of soups that will tease your tastebuds
Sandwiches both familiar and adventurous 
Bowls with healthy grains, protein and greens
And comfort foods that will put you in a soup-er mood!

Our menu usually consists of sandwiches, bowls, soups, a dessert and specialty drink.
We always have vegetarian options. Please talk to us about any dietary concerns, we always have options for gluten free, vegan etc.

We make almost everything from scratch with fresh and high quality products. And we use Pain d’Avignon artisan breads.
We also use as many green products as possible such as our compostable bowls and silverware.

Please check out our current menu and location on Facebook.

We don’t just serve soups, we take food and soup it up to the next level!

Here is a SAMPLE menu

Fresh Produce is always on the souped up truck!

A few mouthwatering pictures of some of the dishes we have prepared in the past:

Please have a look at our gallery as well.

Golden Millet and Sweet Potato Bowl with Avocado
Fish Tacos with Rainbow Salsa
Raspberry Jam Bars
Shrimp Po' Boy Sliders